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You have chosen a repairer that will bring your vehicle back to pre-accident conditions. First off, one of our service representatives will review all the areas of your vehicle to be repaired and explain the repair process to you. It is necessary to disassemble the damaged area in full to properly assess the damages done to your vehicle. Repair shops that attempt to estimate vehicles without properly stripping the damaged area will invariably find more damage upon teardown which will increase the costs of damage which in turn will create unnecessary delays for the customer. This is why we recommend to leave the vehicle with us for proper disassembly and a thorough estimate instead of having an estimate on visible exterior damage only. We know your vehicle is important to you and we want to make sure you are comfortable with all the steps of repair before we begin the process.

After you drop off your vehicle for repairs, it goes into the estimate facility for a proper teardown of the vehicle and thorough estimate. The vehicle is inspected, analyzing all the hidden damage. With the damage estimate completed, a repair plan is set up. We regard this step as the most important piece in the puzzle, because it will not only determine the quality of the repair, but also the speed and cost of the repair. This repair estimate will then go to the insurance company for approval. With the insurance companies authorization, the parts and materials necessary to complete the job are ordered. Once these steps are completed, the repair process begins.


The first department your vehicle goes to is the body department, this is where the car body is returned back to factory specification of shape and safety requirements. You often hear that once the frame of your vehicle has been damaged it will never be the same; this is not true, and this all depends on the shop, the right equipment, and the technician working on your vehicle. Critical repair points can be repaired to within 1mm to the specs of your vehicle. Our experts are highly trained personnel, and have the highest knowledge of every vehicle they are working on to guarantee you the best job in the industry.



With your body work complete and your vehicle ready to be repainted, the process starts by repairing the panels. The preparation and underpaint materials are as important if not more important than the top coat of paint you see from the outside. Overseas Autobody uses highest quality products of PPG Waterborne paint. The proper materials used for the undercoat and top coat of your vehicle will determine the durability and longevity of your vehicle’s paint finish. Before your vehicle is pulled into the paint booth, all of your vehicle’s trim panels are removed rather then masked. Here at Overseas Autobody, we strive for quality, and if we wouldn’t do it to our personal vehicles, we wouldn’t do it to our customers’ vehicles. The vehicle is also protected by masking the undamaged areas from any paint overspray.

The colour coat of your vehicle is applied in a special paint booth. These paint booths provide a dust free, safe environment that bakes the paint at high temperatures to deliver the finish that matches that of the factory refinish. Matching the paint of your vehicle is no easy task, but with our highly trained staff it’s nothing out of the ordinary; with their highly trained knowledge and equipment it’s impossible to tell that the vehicle was ever painted.


With the paint done, your vehicle is now ready to be reassembled. This stage has to be done very carefully to make sure the newly painted area is not damaged. Also after everything is aligned and back to factory specs, our technician will go over the whole workorder to make sure everything has been done that was required, and that it’s up to our industry standards.

As the final step in your repair process, your vehicle is moved to our detail department, which checks the repair one more time over and ensures everything has been completed. This is our extra set of eyes to make sure your vehicles top quality repairs have been completed. Afterwards, the vehicle is detailed completely inside and out from the dust that may have gathered while your vehicle was in our shop for repairs.



Your vehicle is now ready for pick up, and our quality control has not ended yet – our manager will take you over the whole vehicle and explain to you everything that has been done to your vehicle with the repair order. Also, you will be issued a lifetime guarantee on all the repairs done to your vehicle. Now you are ready to return back to your normal activities of life, with your vehicle right by your side.

*** At anytime, feel free to ask to view our facility and one of our production managers will gladly take you on a tour around the body shop and answer any questions you may have. ***

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